5721. Target: The bacterial icifnteons that are geocentric and specific to a certain area and location. (Ex: if we have a certain strain of MDR E. Coli that runs rampant at EAMC)2. Users: All healthcare professionals that would work in a clinical or pharmacy setting, irregardless of their current location. Possibly aspiring medical or pharmacy students as well.3a. The goal of the app would be to keep a current and up-to-date log of the MDR troublesome bugs that are geocentric in their epidemiology. In other words, if EAMC is having a strain of MDR E. Coli that seems to infect patients who come and go through the hospital, this App would pop  that up for EAMC and possibly have the most successful treatment known to date. It could do this for each hospital or area and could even be used by doctors or the CDC to keep up with what type of bugs are living in certain types of locations. Could also have links as cheat-sheets for certain icifnteons and the bugs that go along with them as well for reference.3b. The primary challenge would be the upkeep of current data as inputs from the various areas. This is something that would need to be updated weekly from most areas, and depending on how much an app is used, it may or may not be kept up-to-date by the users. The CDC might be interested in keeping it current, but there's no guaranteeing that.27
 Heyyyy BradThanks for the Article Directory, and most of all for the video on how to use it properly. I have been a sucsrbiber of yours for quite a while, and learned a lot: But I think you outdone your self this time. Such a great product and the ease of use is astounding.  Wow look at the time I am saving now.Many Many ThanksR W

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