1.  Medications's side effects. 2. Students and Patients.3a. This apolpcatiin help patients  determine whether the symptoms that they are experiencing are from their new RX or not. Also they will be able to determine what are the possible major and minor side effects for their new RX without the need to navigate through other information. so this is a side effect specific App. This will be accomplished by presenting a list of the drug's  side effects to the patient and when they should contact their doctor or go to the emergency room. The app will be very easy and fast to use. this app will be capable of capturing drugs's NDC for those smart phones with scanning tools. 3.b The apolpcatiin will be viewed on their smartphone, so if the patient does not have access or capabilities to get to their phone it will be an issue. if there is another app that gives side effects information easily it is going to be superior.
 Lot of smarts in that poignst!

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