10caI have noticed from woirkng in community pharmacies that eprescribing cuts down the stress level for  pharmacists.  I work at a small community pharmacy so our building is limited on space.  Eprescribing cuts down the noise level, decreases the crowd in the waiting area, and it cuts down the time the pharmacist spends getting the prescription from the patient.  Eprescribing is the electronic transmission of a prescription between a prescriber, pharmacist, and pharmacy benefit manager.  It is the exchange of health records in a meaningful manner.  This is a big step for all health care providers.  It doesne28099t include a printed electronic prescription that the patient brings to the pharmacy nor does it include an electronic fax by the physician.       It will impact the way pharmacists manage their time.  It will allow them to spend more time counseling their patients rather than spending the time on translating what the physician prescribed.  The pharmacist would have to call the physiciane28099s office if they were unsure of what was on the prescription.  This will help the pharmacist stay caught up on prescriptions being put in the computer to be filled.  Also, it reduces prescription errors by the pharmacist.  It causes less error than when the pharmacist has to manually type in the information for every prescription.  There wouldne28099t be any errors of typing in the wrong medication, dose, or quantity unless the physician wrote for the wrong dose or medication.  If the physician were to write a prescription with an error, it would still be checked by the pharmacist like a normal prescription.  It is still verified by the pharmacist, but it isne28099t entered into the computer by the pharmacist.     I wouldne28099t want this to cause a pharmacist to be reliant and not be able to enter the information themselves if something were to happen to the eprescribing technology.  They should still be trained to do the work manually.  This system may make some pharmacists become lazy instead of using their extra time to benefit their patients by counseling or checking for more drug interactions.        Eprescriptions would have the most benefit for patients.  It would decrease their responsibility of having to drop off the prescription.  They would only have to come to the pharmacy once instead of twice.  The patient would know that their medication and disease states would not be discussed among the pharmacies employees because the pharmacist would be the only one to see the eprescription.  If the patient brought in a paper copy of a prescription, the techs and the pharmacist would see the prescription.  It would increase compliance because it would not require the patient to bring the prescription by the pharmacy.  Also, it is more convenient for the patient.  They only have to make one stop to the pharmacy.  One problem would be that the patient thinks that when they leave the doctore28099s office their prescription is sitting at the pharmacy already ready.  Eprescriptions could cause patients to become annoyed with the time it takes to fill the prescription since their understanding is that it would already be ready.  Eprescriptions can also be used for control prescriptions.  This would help decrease the amount of forgeries.  The payers would appreciate eprescriptions because it would increase patient compliance and formulary compliance.     Some limitations for the pharmacists and the prescribers are cost, change, time, and some people wonder if there is any real benefit to having it over paper prescriptions.  The patients may feel like it makes their visit less personal because they have less contact time with the pharmacist.  They only talk to them once about their condition rather than talking to the pharmacist when they drop the prescription off and when they pick up their medication.     In all, I believe eprescriptions are a huge step in pharmacy.  Once health care professionals get used to using this service, I think they will appreciate this service.  It will allow the pharmacist to do other things beside just fill prescriptions all day.   They will be able to use their knowledge to help patients improve their quality and quantity of life.
 Well put, sir, well put. I'll cenlriaty make note of that.

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