6111. Hypertension/Blood Pressure Management2. Patients with Hypertension3.a. The goal of my app is to help patients mganae their blood pressure through lifestyle changes.  It will have a diary or log feature where the patient can enter their blood pressure readings in a calendar like fashion.  The app will also be able to compile the readings to show the percentage of readings that were over their goal or at goal.  The app will be able to  Congratulate  the patient on having a goal blood pressure or tell the patient ways to help improve their blood pressure.  If the patient is not at goal, the app can lead the patient to a recipe book or/and exercise routine. The recipes will be low in salt and fat, and the exercises will be different depending on how much the patient wants to exercise that week.  I think patients would like this app because not only will it keep track of their blood pressure in a convenient place, but it will also give them feedback on how they can better their health.3b. One of the primary challenges of my app is that the patient has to use it.  They would have to put in their personal information in order for the app to know what their goal should be, and also continuously log their blood pressure readings.  Another challenge to my app will be to find a variety of recipes that are low in sodium and fat, but still tasty.   If my app only recommends bland recipes, then the patients will stop using it because they won't find it as beneficial to them or convenient.27
 hi mate,yeah that is all i use  just rinse it under a warm tap for a minute or so, then blow it out and let it dry  you may still get a ltitle flavour creep but that will? soon be taken over by the new onecheersscott

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