1. Target = Prescription Pick-up2. Patients/Pharmacy Staff3a. The goal of the app will be to increase work priioitizatorn and workflow. Patients will be able to seamlessly request prescription refills via their smart phones with easy-to-use and easy-to-understand processes. The app will send a direct notification to the pharmacy with a tag that indicates when the patient wishes to pick up their medications. Furthermore, the App will keep a digital record of the patient’s individual prescription information so they will always know where their prescription is currently held, how many refills they have, linked phone numbers to their doctors offices, etc. This information will all be kept secure by password protection that will be designed by the patient. There will also be an ability for authorized users to access the information if the patient usually requires help from a friend or family member to deal with their medication needs.3b. One challenge to implementing the App into use will be that not all pharmacies will support the app initially, so it will be a lot of manual input of information when prescriptions are filled at pharmacies that do not support the app. Another challenge is keeping the information secure, which will require a detailed disclaimer statement that patients may be disinclined to read. There are also a number of technical concerns like server storage space, and information back-up use.
 ea2I work in a retail phmacray and I have had some experience with e-Prescribing. From what I have seen, it seems to help with interpreting prescriptions where the doctors have legibility problems. This however does not completely eliminate the errors doctors can make. Doctors can still select the wrong medication from the drop down box for the patient and it causes the pharmacists more time by having to call and verify their mistakes. Overall there are benefits and downfalls of e-Prescribing to both pharmacists and prescribers.     E-prescribing would help pharmacists reduce prescription errors since doctors will have the prescriptions typed out instead of hand written. It will also reduce calls that pharmacists would have to make to verify any errors the doctors make. E-messaging also impact pharmacists by alerting them when a drug is not covered, if other coverage limitations have been exceeded, or prior authorization is required. E-refills impact patients and pharmacists by being convenient for patients and helping the phmacray become more productive. I believe e-Prescribing could also negatively impact pharmacists since it would cost twenty to forty cents per prescription. It would also be a challenge for a pharmacist to know when the prescription arrived.     A patient may decide to go to a phmacray if the phmacray has e-Prescribing and their prescription would be sent to the phmacray faster. The patient may also spread the word to others and bring more clientele to the phmacray. E-prescribing would be more convenient and safer for patients. The confidentiality aspect is appealing to patients and knowing that the prescriptions are more accurate than written prescriptions. A negative impact that patients may experience is that they would expect that their medication is available when it may not be.     A relationship could be built between prescribers and pharmacists in that the prescriber may refer patients to the phmacray telling the patients that the phmacray is safer. E-prescribing is beneficial to a prescriber in that it satisfies patients and can save the prescriber some time. It can also help prescribers be more informed because they have the patiente28099s information in front of them while they are prescribing. E-prescribing will reduce the cost for prescribers, help manage risks, and increase revenues. These benefits to the prescriber could help in the relationship with a pharmacist by referring their patients to the phmacray like mentioned before. An error made by the prescriber would be a negative impact on their relationship with pharmacists in that the pharmacists would have to take the time to call the prescriber to verify the error.     The cost to purchase the software is a limitation to both prescribers and pharmacists that could prevent implementation of e-Prescribing. Some negative aspects to the prescriber would be that it would take more time to create a prescription and they would have to adjust to changing from paper to touch screen. The enablers that exist to facilitate usage of e-Prescribing are prescribers, a phmacray, Surescripts, and payers. Surescripts is the organization that provides the connectivity between where the prescription is originated and when it goes to the phmacray. I believe e-Prescribing could be better if doctors were more aware of their careless errors in creating prescriptions and if the costs were reduced for both pharmacists and prescribers. It will probably take time before we start seeing a change in the cost.

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