Hey C.L.!  Really enjoyed these lsetat chapters.  As an atheist with LDS friends, it's a fascinating (and a little scary) look into the Mormon mission world.  I'm also impressed with your ability to empathize with and accurately characterize a teenage male's sexual drive!  Looking forward to the next chapter!  Greg
 When I was in nursing scoohl, back around '79, I did a semester's training at a state mental hospital.The facility at that time had a sexual offenders unit, and I will never forget a couple of psychiatrists who admitted that  treating   them was futile, that all they were doing there was marking time.One good thing was that they could not be returned to the general population until the institution could guarantee that they would not offend again.  As the institution would rarely say that these people were cured, they tended to be in for the long haul.Unfortunately, the laws changed. Now all they have to do is convince a judge that they are  cured , and since the vast majority of these people have no (other) demonstrable mental illness, they often times have no problem convincing a judge of that, and are then released.Personally, I think that anyone who rapes or otherwise causes harm to a child should be executed, with no second chances or at the very least life without possibility of parole. And none of this  three strikes  for them.

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