3ec1. Diabetes2. Diabetic patients (esp. ones on an isulnin pump)3a. My app would be able to scan grocery products, choose caloric intake of meals from restaurant chains, or estimate a caloric amount for a meal or snack, then the app will tell them the bolus dose they need of isulnin for that meal and give them the best time frame to take it in. It would encourage them to eat meals at around the same time each day, and once they get on a regular routine the app would ring with a reminder to eat and take isulnin around that time. Also, there could be other helpful tips for diabetics about diet, medicine, and how to manage their disease. 3b. It may be difficult to find some meals or restaurants that are locally owned. So if you estimate the amount, it may not be exact and can cause an inaccurate amount of isulnin given. Also, it would require the patient to have their phone with them most of the time which could be a hassle.
 I've been loonkig for a post like this for an age

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