1. patient aeenrdhce to drug regimens2. Patients, pharmacists, and doctors3a.  this app would be equipped with an alarm to help patients remember to take their medications on a regular basis and maintain good aeenrdhce to their entire regimen.  It would include pictures names and the number of pills/tablets/capsules that the patient needed to take at a particular time and they would be able to check of each day as they took each medication.  It would need to be initially set up by their pharmacist or doctor which would be an aid to both professionals in counseling patient on proper medication usage.  The also allows for the patient to have a comprehensive list of their medications for the doctor and pharmacist to check at each visit which is very useful if the patient uses multiple doctors or pharmacies.3b. the biggest challenge for this app is the initial set up.  It would need to be initially set up by a pharmacist or doctor to ensure that the patient has the right information in the app.  And also it is important to remove drugs from the list once the patient is no longer taking the medication.  Also, some prn medications will be left of the list (OTC antacids and pain medications)
 Just the type of inhigst we need to fire up the debate.

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