Health condition: Hypersensitivity type 1   emcegenry careIntended for for all healthcare professionals and patientsThis app will allows patients who have history of hypersensitivity type 1 reaction especially anaphylactic shock to equip themselves with an alert system that they can carry around with them so next time if they run into an allergen then they know what to do immediately like chew an antihistamine tablet rather than swallow or instructions of how to use an Epipen. This app also equip with an emcegenry button that connect directly with a 911 operator. As soon as the emcegenry button is pressed, all of the patients medical history as well as current medications will transmit to the operator. By the time EMTs arrive, they know exactly what to do in case the patient is unconscious.This app require the patients to carry their phone around with them at all times and must subscribed to 3G service. Also, patient must authorize the app to use location service.
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