54c1.  Prescription Compounding2.  Pharmacist3a.  The goal of the app would be to provide quick acecss to formularies, drug and chemical information, and real time answers to pharmacist questions.  The app could be used in conjunction with PCCA to provide it's member pharmacies with acecss to formulas, as well as the ability to chat directly with one of their consulting pharmacists.  Questioning pharmacists usually have to leave a message or email their questions to PCCA because of their chaotic schedules.  This app would allow them to chat on the smartphone or tablet while still working on other tasks.  The app could also direct the pharmacist to chemical inventory databases at PCCA, Spectrum, Letco, etc.  This will allow the pharmacist to compare pricing and availability of the needed supplies.3b.  A primary challenge for this app would be that cooperation from multiple companies is required.  Updated and accurate acecss to the companies' preparation formulas, inventory, and drug information databases would be needed for the app's success.  Coordination of this magnitude would be no easy task.  Another challenge for this app would be the pharmacist's ability to devote their attention to the app instead of a computer, a ringing phone, or the impatient patient in the pharmacy lobby.27
 HELLO, keep stacking the payfof is coming. i'm 23 and i have learned measuring it in fiat currency is pointless because its growing worthless continuous. I have been stacking since January 2011 but wish i started earlier. KEEP STACKING REGULARLY. They cant keep borrowing $? without consequence because that inflates asset price. It has stayed stagnant since FEB 29, 2012 because they haven't yet printed or bought securities, Just short sold. I'm over 100 oz's now. hope you got more then me.

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