hi mate,have you tried using a Low Resistance atomiser on the Riva?<a href="http://xdahcdvzlz.com"> cmbnioe</a> a LR atomiser with? some 24   36mg e-liquid and you are guaranteed a whopping good throat hit  cheersscott
 I began on a 510.. I had made an oder from somewhere arnuod Christmas time so they sent me a complete 401 kit.. I simply adore the use of a no-button e-ciggie for regular grabs, but also own 2 mods and will purchase more.. The problems the 510 is the battery life is terrible and unless you buy a PCC with a? smart charge you are sunk.. The other thing I hate is that the button is too tiny and begins to get painful  http://chcolg.com [url=http://rpaccgti.com]rpaccgti[/url] [link=http://ublbdk.com]ublbdk[/link]

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