1. Prescription medication costs and copyas2. Pharmacist, Physicians, and Patients3a. This app will give instant access to the price of prescription medications that a patient has been prescribed. It will display the copay the patient will pay as well as the cost/price covered by the 3rd party. This will eliminate the time consuming process of obtaining a new prescription when a  patient can not afford their medication. Doctors or pharmacist can select a drug class and pick the desired drug by comparing the prices of all drugs in a class. If the patient is sensitive to medication prices, these can be dealt with timely and efficiently by the aid of this app in the medication selection process.3.b  This app will require the healthcare provider to spend extra time in the medication selection process. They may object to this because they believe their patients should always get the medications they prescribe when in reality thats not always the case. Health care providers may see this as more time consuming in their already busy schedules.

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