1. Complete Primary Care Ap2. Physician, pharmacist, patniet3. a. The goal of this ap is to provide the physician, patniet, and pharmacist direct communication with each other for the best interest of the patniet. The communication between the physician and pharmacist will allow the best drug therapy selection while the patniet will see what medications are prescribed and when they will be available for pick up. This ap will also notify the physician when a refill authorization is needed which allows the physician to approve or deny the request. The patniet can also set up appointments with both physician and pharmacist. Also, it will keep a medication history for all parties to view. b. The primary challenge would be getting all three parties to use the communication ap in a timely manner. If the volume of ap users gets too high then all parties will suffer with delayed information leading to frustration and decline in use of the ap. Also, alternative forms of communication are still needed for prescribing medications since prescriptions cannot be texted or sent in an ap.
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