1aedOpen Clinical:  Knowledge Management for Medical CareOpenclinical.org/home.html      The Open Clinical Website is for healthcare porsefsionals who are interested in advanced knowledge medical technologies.  They want to unite porsefsionals who believe in the value of knowledge management.  These individuals will also want to contribute to the formation of open technical standards for medication applications.  Decision support and clinical workflow will be promoted for patient care.  They will also spread tools and methods for building healthcare knowledge applications that conform to the highest standards of safety, quality, and ethics.     This is a good site because it is a not-for-profit organization of international leading research and teaching organizations.  The website is easy to navigate because it is divided into five zones.  The first is a general overview of clinical knowledge management technologies and applications.  The second involves current research, while the third demonstrates with videos the use of clinical knowledge management applications.  The fourth zone has information about commercial suppliers, and the fifth zone is about public e-health applications.      There is also a recent books section, and if you register there are additional benefits.  You can get updates about new research that might interest you.  A listing of events and information about international organizations is also given.The Oregon Health & Science University Physician Order Entry TeamCpoe.org      This site presents the results of research by the Physician Order Entry Team of the Oregon Health & Science University.  The team studies success factors for implementing CPOE and also researches the results of implementing CPOE.  There are also links provided that present more information about CPOE.  A listing of conferences is also shown.      I found this site useful because it gives extensive information about implementing CPOE.  There is discussion of ten factors that you should consider when setting up CPOE.  The team also summarizes controversial issues involved with CPOE.  These are important factors to consider, such as should you include decision support when you implement CPOE.  They also discuss principles like financial concerns, integration of multiple systems, personnel training, and technical support.      I like the format of the website.  The information that they present is given in outline form, and it is all pertinent to the topic of starting CPOE in an organization.  The team also presents details of their research and the organizations that they investigated.  This is a good site for someone who is a complete novice when it comes to the pros and cons of CPOE installation.Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare:  The Leapfrog  Groupe28099s CPOE Standard and Evaluation ToolPsqh.com/julaug08/cpoe.html      This site gives good information about how the quest to alleviate excessive Adverse Drug Events led to the development of CPOE.  It is also stated that CPOE implemented together with appropriate clinical decision support could likely prevent a lot of the ADEs that do occur.  Leapfrog collects data on hospital specific status reports on adopting CPOE.  The Leapfrog Group is an organization of large employers that has come up with a series of CPOE Standards.  The goal of their standards is to promote the usage of CPOE with clinical decision support.      I like this site because it focuses on the actual effectiveness of the CPOE systems at various hospitals.  The site also lists extensive tables of their CPOE Evaluation Tool Procedure.  You are shown how Leapfrog actually ranks each hospitale28099s CPOE System.  Feedback in the form of scores for different categories of CPOE attributes are also sent to hospitals so they can have guidance for improving their protocols.      The site also provides information on the background of various experts on CPOE implementation.  There is also an extensive listing of references.  Useful links for further information on evaluating the efficacy of CPOE systems are also provided.HIMSS:  Transforming healthcare through IT.Himss.org/ASP/topics_clinicalDecision.asp      This site provides a lot of germane information about Clinical Decision Support.  There is information presented on how to receive stimulus funding under ARRA through the implementation of successful CDS.  Criteria are also presented for making a meaningful EHR.  A useful article on using CDS with the high risk elderly is also presented.  You are also shown how to maintain a listing of problems that might occur with certain disease states through the use of CDS.  There is also a Clinical Decision Support Guidebook Series that can be bought.  It provides a step-by-step approach for implementing a CDS system.      I like the section on Patient Safety and Quality Outcomes.  There is a section on committees, task forces, and work groups in the field.  You can also learn about how health information technology is impacting the medical industry through Clinical Decision Support and e-prescribing.  The archived position statements give further information about HIMSS.  Material is also presented about networking CDS with medical device systems.  An additional perk is the e2809cnewse2809d section which discusses conferences and success stories in CDS.EMR Consultant:  What is E-prescribing and What are the Benefits?Emrconsultant.com/education/e-prescribing      EMR Consultante28099s website gives a definition of e-prescribing, and then provides reasons to physicians for adopting e-prescribing.  Some of the reasons listed are avoiding the pitfalls of illegible handwriting, a warnings and alert system is provided, and the patiente28099s EMR can be viewed.  There are also links to other websites provided.  Perhaps the best feature is EMR Consultant has a menu that can lead to pages with information about EMR, EHR, resources, and there is also a link for requesting more information.      The value of the website is that it is user-friendly and directed toward prescribers.  There are user forums for physicians.  Another plus is that a physician can enter information about their practice, and the practice profile will be matched with their database of EMR manufacturers to see which ones are most appropriate.  It is also a free service.      There are also opportunities for EMR/EHR education.  With this website, a physician can learn about what software would be best for their particular specialty.  There would also be the opportunity to contact physicians of the same specialty in order to discuss how they like the software that they are currently using in their practices.
 I've been at the bedside for amoslt 18 years and have been from staff RN to Charge RN, TC support and now I would like to move into the IT informatics for Nursing and hospital support IT staff would like some help on how to transition, thanks

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