A Quick Guide to Canon Printer Setup
 Make sure your printer hardware is configured.
 On your PC browser, go to  [url=https://canonsetup-canon.com/ijsetup/]    canon.com/ijsetup[/url].
 Click Set Up.
 Using your Canon IJ printer model, the download printer software.
 Double click to install it.
 Connect a network to your printer and PC.
 Finish the Canon IJ printer setup.  
 LaserJet Printer Setup Configure your HP Printer hardware.
 Visit   [url=https://123hp.com-laserjet.com/]     123.hp.com/laserjet[/url]     from the browser.
 Using your LaserJet model name, download software. Double click to start the installation.Connect the printer via wireless network or USB.
 Add the LaserJet printer to your system devices.

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