1. Counseling2. Pharmacist, Physicians, Student Pharmacist3. a) this application will have the ailtbiy for the user to select specific counseling points on medications, over the counter drugs, and specific test. It would include, but not limited to counseling points for warfarin, digoxin, Advil, hydrocortisone cream, cardiac exams, respratory exam, and  lipid panels. The application would allow the user to select the counseling points needed and will go through a question slideshow in which the user would hit next after getting the desired information for that point. If the user is doing something like a lipid panel or CVS risk assessment then they could input the information instead of calculating it. It would then give all cholesterol levels not found my Cholestec and the CHD risk percentage without the use of a Framingham sheet. This would help to prevent  potential user error from calculations as well as reminding the user of all the necessary questions to ask or counseling points to be made.3. b)  The primary challenge would be the user having to take time to select the counseling points and not relying on their memory. Also the user may become frustrated from a busy workload and may not take time to go through the application step by step process. The user would also need to have a data plan from the large amount of use. An extra battery or a store charger would also be necessary.
 I love these areltics. How many words can a wordsmith smith?

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