Performing a site survey can help an organization save valuable time, money and resources. As a result of the intelligence gathered through a site survey, project managers can make better informed decisions; reducing the likelihood that costly errors are made in the execution phase of your project.
 When should a site survey be performed?
 New Construction or Upgrades to Physical Structures
 Before blueprints are finalized for a structure, engineers need to know that the location is suitable for building. An engineer performing a site survey would seek to answer questions like:
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 What is the slope of the terrain?
 Is there road access?
 What is underneath the area where the foundation will be laid? Can it support the planned foundation?
 Are there trees or other landscaping objects that need to be removed or accounted for prior to construction?
 Are there any aerial obstructions? (i.e. Power Lines, Branches, Neighboring Structures)
 By answering these questions, hopefully the team drafting the blueprints can coordinate with the construction team to reduce the number of expensive and time-consuming revisions need to complete a project.
 The responsibilities of network analysts are very crucial because they must look after the business as well as the technical sides. They have to identify the problems that arise in the business areas and rectify them with technical system-based solutions.

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