1. Multi-dimension Pet Health Care Management 2. Pet Owners of all age3a. The goal of this app is to provide pet owner easy acecss to better care for their beloved pets.  As many of us has pets, but only have very minimal knowledge about pet care, as busy as our own schedule run.  Pet owner tends to forget when their pet's immunizations are due, when to give them heartworm med, flea meds or chronic medications for animals.  Pet can't speak and remind us of those things, so I think it will be beneficial to develop an app that contains the followings:1. Vaccine reminders (detail list of vaccines received and when they are due.  With direct link  to nearest Vet that provide after hour care and direct GPS direction with a click of a bottom (in case of an emergency, so that pet owner knows where to go) 2.  Comprehensive pet care info:  Including what to do in case of an emergency, since 911 isn't an option and only minimal people knows animal CPR.  It will also include things like what food should be avoided for dog, cats, birds, fish etc (ex:  Should never give chocolate or grapes to dog)  This will help younger pet owners to better care for their pets, since they often lack basic knowledge of proper pet care.  Ideally the app can also directly link to pharmacies that refill pet meds.  So the pet owners can keep track of the list of medications, how many refills left and be notified when the prescription is ready for pick up.3.  Lastly, I hope for the app to have the capability to track the pet and locate them in case they get lost.  As we know that lots of pets have micro chip embedded in them, but this is only beneficial in recovering a lost pet if it eventually ended up in the hands of a veterinarian who are able to scan the pet.  And if a pet was stolen hopefully this app can help finding them.3b.  The challenge of this app is getting the exposure it needs and it must be appealing enough for teenager pet owners to download and use it.  In case of elderly folks, they are often somewhat resistant to new technology, smart phones, some are unwilling to even obtaining a cell phone because they prefer to do things the  old ways.   I am hoping that this app can be user friendly enough both for the young and old.  Have the option of customizing it (larger fonts for elderly, and adding background music or have the capability of linking to social networks so that teens will find it  cool  to have on their phone.
 Hey, that's the gretaest! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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