3b21.  Lab results for vriaous conditions2.  Patients3a.  This app would be a way for patients to keep track of the results of any lab work they had done (example:  lipid panel).  The patient or physician could put their levels in after any tests they had done, so that the patient would have a copy with them for their other doctors to see when they come in.  They could also keep track of how effective their medication is, and their pharmacist could more accurately assess their drug therapy in the community setting.  The app would also have their target level for each test, so patients could manage their diseases more effectively.3b.  Many people that have disease states that require routine monitoring are elderly and may not use smart phones.  Also if the patient does not receive a copy of their lab results, the physician or nurse would have to input the information for the patient which would take time.27
 There's a terrific amount of kneowldge in this article!

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