4f41. Patient's pharmaceutical rerodcs.2. Patient's mostly, but to some extent pharmacists, physicians, and nurses.3a. This would be an application capable of keeping track of a patients medication history in addition to being able order and view the status of refills. It would primarily serve to keep track of prescription information, which medication was filled, when it was picked up, where it was filled, and how much they paid for it. This would provide the patient with a user friendly version of what the pharmacist sees when looking at their profile, allowing for clearer communication between pharmacists, physicians, and patients, reducing wasted time. It would also make it easy for patients to reference their medical rerodcs when, for example, seeing several doctors or using different pharmacies.3b. The biggest obstacle for this project would be integrating the technology and information between several large companies, which would be a tremendous amount of work to put into a cell phone application. An additional nonspecific problem would be that to use this, or any, application requires some amount of technical knowledge which the majority of our patients currently don't possess very much of.27

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